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What happens when surfing and skateboarding meet and have a love child? Skimboarding is born!

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Even though people were practicing it many years ago, skimboarding is still a relatively new sport. But it is growing fast! I remember years ago, when I first started, there were just a handful of us out at the beach - and only a couple of us girls.

Now, you go to the beach and there are people riding everywhere. You have to check the shoreline both ways before going in the water to make sure not to get hit by someone flying by!

So what is skimboarding? It is the process of throwing, chasing and riding a board of some sort (usually wooden for flatland or foamie for waves) along the shoreline of either a beach or any thin channel of water.

The beauty of this super fun - super addictive! - water sport, is that it can be done almost anywhere and in most conditions. Unlike surfing, you don't have to get all the way in the water, paddle out and wait for a wave. Just find yourself either a thin layer of water or a shorebreak, throw your stick and ride! That's it!

Ok, well, not all of it. Sure it looks easy and sounds easy, but, like any sport, it's harder than it seems and takes time and skill to master. If you see someone out riding the waves and it looks effortless, chances are they have been doing it for several years.

That said, it is still easier than surfing (at first) and rather than falling on concrete when skating, you fall in the water and sand - which still hurts a lot, but less so than concrete.

Blood, sweat, tears (and lots of sand!) have been poured into this site to bring you the most in depth information including types of boards, traction pads and wax, tricks and tips from beginner to advanced, sweet spots, best tides, different styles, pro bios, contests and everything you ever want to know.

Yes it has been tough to get all this information ... lots of skimming had to be done, life is rough - or as they say ... a Beach!

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